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What Is a Clinical Director and How Do You Become One?

The healthcare field has always held plenty of appeal for you. What’s not to love about an industry that focuses on caring for others and promoting good health in the community? It’s no surprise to anyone that this is the industry that caught your eye when you decided it was time to choose your career.

You appreciate the hard work of nurses, doctors and other healthcare specialists, but you’ve got your sights set on becoming a clinical director. This leadership position allows you to guide the direction of a healthcare organization and influence the lives of every patient and family who is cared for in your facility. Becoming a clinical director means that not only will you be taking charge of your career and potentially increasing your earning potential, you’ll also be making a difference for others.

But pursuing a career as a clinical director would push you outside your comfort zone. What does it really look like to work in this healthcare position, and what steps will you need to take to be qualified for the job?

We dove into the research and spoke with experts to bring you all the information you need when it comes to pursuing a clinical director career. Use this in-depth breakdown to decide if a clinical director position is calling your name.

What is a clinical director?

Clinical directors lead a team of healthcare providers in facilities both big and small. They manage and guide their team toward reaching the organization’s goals so that patients receive the best care possible.

Clinical directors work with teams of varying sizes depending on their healthcare facility. In a large hospital or clinic, a clinical director will likely be responsible for managing a specific department, such as nursing, surgery or physical therapy, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). In a small physician’s office, clinical directors are more likely to be in charge of leading the entire facility, according to John Baio, clinical director and owner of Martino Physical Therapy.

What does a clinical director do every day?

A clinical director’s daily job duties can vary depending on the type of healthcare facility they work for, the specific department they oversee and the size of their team. Clinical directors at all types of facilities are likely to spend their days developing policies and goals, meeting with their team to keep everyone working toward a shared vision, evaluating their staff and setting budgets for their department.

Clinical directors working in a smaller office are more likely to wear multiple hats when it comes to job duties, according to Baio. “My roles can be infinite. If the front desk staff member is sick, I can make appointments, explain insurance benefits or take payments. If the office manager is on vacation, I’m doing the supply ordering, adjusting staff schedules and focused on billing/coding.” On top of all this, a clinical director’s main job duty is still to manage the staff and ensure quality patient care.

Clinical directors in a larger clinic or hospital with multiple departments will probably have more specific job duties focused on their team rather than the facility as a whole. They’re responsible for organizational tasks like scheduling, managing finance reports and putting staff procedures in place, as well as people-centered duties like hiring and training new staff members. They may also represent their department at facility meetings and collaborate with other healthcare managers to set goals and establish a positive work environment.


Jose Vera

Owner/Head Coach

Jose Vera is our Mental Health Therapist and Nurse Practitioner. He is a native of Peru with substantial experience in both North & South America. Jose became a Nurse Practitioner in 2010.

Morgan Thomas, ARNP

Nurse Practitioner

Morgan Thomas is a certified Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP). She has gained her experience and mastered her profession over the past five years.

Dr. Carmen Sanz, MD

Clinical Director

Dr. Carmen Sanz, MD is the Clinical Director at the Serenity Springs Men’s Residential Program. Dr. Sanz has over 35 years of experience in psychiatry.

Dr. Derrick DeSilva

Medical Advisor

Virgil has been training amateur and professional combat athletes since 1995. His skill-set expands to the following combat styles: MMA fighting, Brazilian…